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Auto Glass


Auto Glass

It’s not just a piece of glass. Your windshield is built into the structural integrity and safety of your vehicle. On some vehicles, an improperly installed windshield, can lead to faulty air bag deployment.

Even without visible cracks, a vehicle that is involved in a collision should have its windshield inspected to assess for structural stress damage.

Let Autobahn CARSTAR Barrie help you assess your vehicle’s auto glass needs.



Stone chipStone Chips

It can start as a small stone chip and turn into a cracked windshield that requires replacement. Our stone chip prevention program is an excellent way to restore the structural integrity of a windshield while keeping costs to a minimum. Most insurance companies will waive your deductible on stone chip repairs if you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle. Call for an appointment and let us help you repair that chip before it turns into a crack.



HeadlightHeadlight Restoration

Over time, headlights can weather and lose clarity, reducing visibility and distances of light. Let us restore your headlights to a CLEAR NEW LOOK.

Both Headlights $60.00





rain repellentRain-Repellent Glass Treatment

Our rain-repellent treatment improves a driver’s ability to see clearly and drive safer. This innovative technology is a long-lasting rain repellant that:


  • Remarkably improves vision in the rain
  • Causes rain to bead up and roll right off
  • Makes it easier to clear ice, snow and even bugs
  • Reduces glare in the rain, especially at night
  • Lasts for months in normal driving conditions